Praying for a Change
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2011-08-19 23:32:03 (UTC)

The Journey of My Life

I am starting a new online journal because I know someone it getting into my written journal. I suspect it is Chuck and I hope he''s getting an eye ful. To start from May, I lost Toby to a freak accident that broke his back and they couldnt save him. I still feel a tremendous amt of loss. I miss him so much. He will always be n my heart. He was my best friend and I love him. I dont know if I will ever get get over this loss.

I did get a new puppy. Hes 6 months old and 30 lounds. His name is Bailey and I forgot want its was like to train a puppy, especially a big puppy. He's not a barker (I am trying to type this and there is a motor mouth next to me) BJ can be a royal pain in the ass and obnoxious as hell.) Anyway he's not a barker, hes house broken, and he is a really good boy. Except when hes excited, he likes to grab with his teeth so we are trying to stop that behavior. Hes Bailey, not a replacement for Toby

I ended up in Horsham Clinic because of a break down. I was going to actually hurt myself because I was tired of dealing with Chris, Becky's attitude, Chuck's abuse work and losing Toby. I spent 2 days there and 5 weeks at PHP at Lenape. I went to a Respite for 2 1/2 weeks to rest and relax. While I was there there was an interest in me coming to work at the Respite. Strange huh. I started 8/1/11 and I am happy. Sometimes people are annoying and I took a big cut in pay, but I am happy with what I am doing now. I feel like Im in the right place. Good thing since I was denied unemployment. Denise knew just what to do to stop it the friggin FMLA form.

I work 4-12 so I do not see chuck all week- Thank God. The less time the better. He has made fun of me aND THE DEPRESSION i FIGHT EVERY DAY.