Kansas Girl

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2011-08-18 00:38:25 (UTC)

Girls and feelings

So Im a little frusterated and feel a bit defeated today....

A girlfriend and I havent been on the best terms over this last summer and I never really knew why but we had started talking more this past week or so and hing out on Saturday. I thought it was good and we had fun. Until I get an email this morning saying "we need to talk" because there were some things that bothered her this weekend that she "let it go at the time" because we were out in public but now is going to email me tonight about her feelings on it.....WHAT? I feel as if Im going to be talked to like Im 5yrs old and about to be punished for something I did or said wrong. I feel like I should just stop trying with her at some point. I dont know what I did wrong the 1st time she stopped talking to me and now apparently our weekend I did or said something wrong again. I feel like an idiot now because we talked about some things I have going on and I wanted her opinion because usually she is the usually the friendly voice of reason. Someone tell me if Im wrong but I dont think being freinds with someone should take this much work or consequences for that matter. Guess I will just wait and see what the email says and go from there but really this is why I dont like ppl, I dont have alot of friends I trust, and I am a homebody. Less drama, more easy. I wish I could just move and start over with a new life, freinds (not all of you), and even job at times. Not too far, but far enough.

frusterated and want to cry :(