Confessions of a married woman
2011-08-15 15:12:34 (UTC)

Life sucks!

I hate my life! I feel sorry for myself. I feel I can't do better for myself, I feel I can't move on. I'm suck in this misery. I need out. I need strenght to suck it up. I need strenght to be a major bitch to anyone who has ever hurt me. I need revenge. I need my life back, minus the "M____" Family. I so don't fucking deserve this. Neither does my family need to see me suffering the way I am. I'm grateful that I have wonderful friends. And for the first time, they have offered me shelter. That hadn't happened to me before, that motivates me, but saddens me too. I hope my friend A and E get that house. They asked if I wanted to stay with them, that was so nice of them. Yes I will stay there, its close to my family and that's exactly what I need. I hope God helps them with that because that will be my ticket out of my current living situation.

"A" hasn't contacted me at ALL... that makes me sad too. I know we are fuck buddies... but wait.. where does the "buddies" come in? If we are "buddies" shouldn't we keep in contact all the time. Hmm...I guess we are not. I'm and he's just a booty call, which I want all the time. I miss him. Ehh it is what it is.

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