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2011-08-15 14:45:00 (UTC)

Complicated !!!!

I don't know what to do ...... I have been through so much that this whole month could be an actual movie !.!.!. But the most complicated thing that is on my mind at the minute and at this very moment while I am typing this is ..... What do you do when you have a close friend who has more personality than anyone you have ever met in your whole life and you don't know wether you just love him as a friend or more but if you go out with him or anyone else you might ruin a realy good friendship maybe because he would be to protective over you (the friend or the boyfriend) and you might allways be with that boyfriend all the time and the best friend of yours misses the you that you used to be ????? And I also don't know if I love a guy just as a friend or wether I love him more as a friend ...... I am so confused :( x

Well that's the BIG thing that is on my mind at the minute so if anyone has any advice or comments (opinions) that they could give me to help me be less confused on what to do then i am waiting patiently

I will be here
Lauren xx

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