My drama filled life as STACEY
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2011-08-05 05:44:35 (UTC)

Dad, I'm not alittle girl anymore!

Dear diary of drama,
hey. As u can tell from the title my father and I didn't have such a good conversation. My dad thinks that I'm his puppet and that I will do everything he says.... Well guess what dad I'm not ur puppet an I never will be....

So today I simply asked my father if i could go to the fair with my boyfriend. I didn't ask him in a mean way or anything and I seriously didn't do anything bad for him to act this way. I told my dad I said " dad can I please go to the fair with Sergio on Saturday" . My dad stayed quiet for a little bit then said " I don't want u to see him ever weekend how many times do I have to tell u.. I don't want u to be seeing him to often. Your only aloud to see him once a month!". How can u have such a cold heart to say that to Ur own daughter. Are u trying to drive me away from you or even home!?! I don't understand y u would even hurt me this way. He lives far away enough already y would u keep me from him even more. This is making me hate u and not want to talk to you. If this is what you wanted your daughter to dislike you then you've finally won. I really don't have the need to talk to u .... I tried to be a good daughter and try having a nice conversation with you but I guess that wasn't good enough for you. U and I have nothing in common when everyone was against u I was there for u, when my mother wanted a divorce I'm the one who helped you fix it so you'd stay together... And this is how you repay me... I guess u take everything for granted... Some father u are . You weren't there when I was born I can't believe I actually thought you'd be here now(emotionally). U might think this is just because I'm not aloud to see my boyfriend as much as I'd like to but it's way more than that. He's not just forbidden me to see him often he's forbidden me from all things fun and joyful. My father is a big douche! And he will probably never change.
Till later,