Dr. Puppet

Bomb in a Birdcage
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2011-08-02 17:57:36 (UTC)

Life of a Lover

I've had some really stupid entries on here...I was reading them and I realized how stupid I've been...but i also realizeed something else...I'm a lover. In this world there are so many different types of people...lovers, haters, dreamers, dream crashers....and thats just to name a few...I think possibly the WORST kind of person to be is an inbetween...2 types of people in one person...and the worst of all is the lover/dreamers...
we are so easily hurt and yet fall in love even more easily. we try to hold ourselves back behind the railing surrounding the black hole of love...but we fail and end up blindly falling into the deepest corners of it, only to be spit out again into a sea of pain when we are hurt...
we dream of being held forever, having that last sweet first kiss that'll be with you forever. we dream of having someone that loves us more than anything..no not more than anything...we dream of someone that would love us more than EVERYTHING..or at least love us without hurting us.
often we wend up falling for someone that takes EVERYTHING from us. our love, passsion, heart, common sense, joy, tears, song, our everything. til we are left with nothing. and then they leave with everything that makes us...well...US. and we are left lying on the floor broken and bruised and all we want to do is cry. just let out pain leak out of our eyes until the whole world is flooded by our salty sea of pain. and then (if you are a cutter) u jsut wanna slice open your veins and let their sharp ruby cry flow out to mingle with your tears that you are slowly drowning in...and right when u think you'll be ok...and the tears start flowing away, off to some unforeseen land for someone else to drown in...you get cynical. you KNOW ur gonna get hurt and you try to hold back and then you meet that person yet again that throws you back over the side of the black hole and into its corners...
it's an endless cycle for us...we live, we love, we dream, we lose, we die, and it repeats itself....is there any end to this cycle for us?