Dr. Puppet

Bomb in a Birdcage
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2011-08-02 17:35:45 (UTC)

Kiss It All Better

Wish someone really could kiss it all better. Me and my boyfriend, Justin recently broke up and i feel like my heart got ripped out. We just grew apart this summer because we never got to see each other....All I've done for the past 2 days is cry and now im all cried out. I want to cry but i cant. I;m depressed constantly...and when faced with the question "whats wrong" i cant bring myself to tell people...it's like saying it out loud makes it final. maybe its final already. maybe i just cant accept it...i know i dont want to...I really have no idea what to do...every breath sends razorblades through my blood making every inch of my body ache...and if i try to think bout another guy to get Justin outta my mind i feel sick...
I keep wondering what he's thinking....whats he doing? Does he miss me as much as i miss him...will i find someone else...yeah i know im still young...there's plenty of "fish in the sea" but i wanted him to be my last first kiss...i thought he wanted the same. i guess we were both wrong...Well if you have any ideas of how to make myself get over it and try to love again...plz let me know...i'll try almost anything...im so tired of crying and hurting...im tired of the depression.....help!