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2011-07-27 06:04:15 (UTC)

it’s likely the man in ..

it’s likely the man in this relationship is being quite callous.

actually it's fashionable, at the moment, to try to take the intimacy out of sex, to see it as a no-strings pleasure that can be picked up and put down at will,’ she says. ‘But human beings are not made this way.

Young people today, male and female, pretend sex is no more important than a handshake. Yet intimacy has a profound effect on the emotions, which can be very confusing, especially for women.

McMullen has been doing evil for so long he doesn't have any remaining concept of what 'right' truly is. He defends the despicable acts of he and his associates as some necessary sacrifice for a greater good. Bizarre!

Known for a long time that Murdoch owns us. Why else did every party leader have regular meetings with Rebecca Wade (now Rebecca Brooks). All slaves to the Murdoch press.

The police are also involved because it's coppers who release confidential info to private detectives who themselves are normally ex-cops.


He is not being an "authoritarian fuck"; he, like many other people, have witnessed the championing of idiocy, sexual exploitation and lurid, self-righteous reportage inherent in tabloid journalism. He is just as entitled tp his opinion as the half-witted morons celebrated in tabloid papers every day. Tabloid journalism has decimated British culture. It will die.
Dude! go back to read comics, and leave serious world's events to people who have normal social skills and are capable of talking to a girl. You are a seriously misguided soul to think that what you showed of Hugh Grant in that video is an example of authoritarianism. Then again, I certainly wouldn't expect otherwise from somebody who has put 'John Galt' down as their name in their youtube profile. Reading Ayn Rand too much, or at all, and taking it so seriously is a sure fire way to delude oneself into thinking that what you have posted in this video is even remotely constructive, intelligent or in anyway expressive of truth.
So you support the intrusion of private industry into the lives of ordinary citizens for profit? What right did News Corporation have to listen to the messages of a murdered 14 year old girl? We certainly know what their motive was! If my exclamation marks make me look like a moron than guilty as charged however it is your ideology and words that make you look like a moron.And please - don't ever procreate. One of you is a hideous enough concept to have to come to terms with.