My life
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2011-07-26 19:49:03 (UTC)

my life is ruined!!!!

well yesturday i slept over chloe's and my meme had the kids.The next day i come home and she has a whole list of chores for me to do like vacume,dishes,clean room,clean bathroom ect. I was mad!!!!! When she she got home she said thankyou for cleaning and then yelled at me about my facebook.I have no idea what she talked about with my aunt but i dont like it.She told me to go on my facebook and delete all friends (boys) that are older then me or who dont go to my school! HOW CRUEL!!!! so i did then she went to my facebook settings and changed my password! facebook is my life and it WAS in my hands UNTIL she CHANGED it!!!! So yeah my life is done....ruined pretty much.....well that's pretty much it besides me being mad and sad.... :( I'm going to cry for the rest of my life "sniffle"

Til next time,