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2011-07-23 12:27:36 (UTC)

Today, I am suppose to go..

Today, I am suppose to go on a date with my boyfriend. I emailed him Thursday that I had the weekend off and ask him to go on a date. He said he would like that and Saturday would be even better. I replyed Saturday would be good for me. I have not heard from him since Thursday. Its Saturday Morning, I emailed earlier that I was looking forward to seeing him. I don't know if I am going to hear from him or not. I have felt that he has been playing games with me. If he is I know I would be hurt real bad. All I have ever wanted in my life is to be loved and excepted for who I am. I know he told me 1 time that he had has girlfriends computer hacked by a friend of his. I hope he didn't do that to me. I am not perfect, but if he is that type then I don't need that in my life, Please Joe don't let me down. I need u and want u.

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