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2011-07-23 05:21:36 (UTC)

lol was on the bus the ot..

lol was on the bus the other day and there was a really REALLY big guy, with a kinda odd face. and it was very obvious everyone was trying to be very polite and not look at him. and that was fine except there was this one kid sat opposite him who just didn't give a fuck. staring at him for like 5 mins straight. was v. awkward.

how can it be a hate crime, when fucking love it?! haha brilliant. you should follow that impulse

get nekkid and wait for him to come home. lol like some kind of predator.

i'm salivating over the thought of working for u

he's my prompt. 'it was last yr not this yr... yes. carry on'

White chocolate..why did we need to make white chocolate? what was wrong with brown? "do you love the taste of chocolate, but can't stand looking at it? / colour? Then here's white chocolate. From the same people who brought you white jesus!"
Then he said 'i'm not stupid' which was debatable at this point.

the internet removes some of the fascination.

you have to work with the stereotypes that present themselves to you

But the thing is that his book seems to pander/appeal to the laziest sort of self help within the narrowest socio-economic range, yes you can wish it, and you can do it, but only if you have the educational advantages, the societal advantages that what, about 10% of the country have. what it does it gives false promises of quick fixes to any problem you could ever have. books like these/info like this is actually damaging to a large, gullible segment of the population