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2011-07-22 10:32:13 (UTC)


The most striking asset for a Johannesburg wedding photographer has to be the unique wedding environment that exists in the greater Johannesburg area. Mulder's Drift has to be synonymous <a href="http://www.serendipity01.com/bush-wedding-ideas.htm" title="Bush wedding ideas">Bush wedding ideas</a> with weddings, and in particular big and lavish weddings. Apart from the contrasting styles and old English charm that most of the weddings venues in that area offer, there is of course the typical bushvelt look, feel and smell to the venues. It makes for a pleasant ambiance and wonderful wedding photography props, be it lush vegetation, impressive architecture or cascading green lawns running down to a lazy, bubbling brook.<br /><br />Johannesburg offers the couples variety that is very different to other provinces. Of course the stunning wine farms of the Cape province come with their own seductive charm, but Johannesburg wedding photographers can testify to the diversity of venues and offerings within a stone's throw of the hustle and bustle of city life, with Shepstone Gardens and Hazeldene Hall personifying two of the best.<br /><br />Some venues are situated within the main suburbs of Johannesburg and offer an oasis within the concrete jungle. Whether it is Victorian charm you are after or rugged African ambiance, look no further than Johannesburg and surrounds.<br /><br />Alternatively if the urban environment is a little too unforgiving, the Johannesburg wedding photographer can turn to the idyllic and extremely visual Botantical Gardens, located at the foot of a mountain face that plays hosts to the resident black eagles of Roodepoort. If a splash of colour is the ideal supplement to a collage of wedding photographs, than this is another superb wedding venue for a photographer who believes in variety.<br /><br />If something a little less conventional is more appropriate than just outside the city one can look at various venues such as the picturesque Dullstroom, famous for the typical trout "rod-and-reel" look-and-feel, characterised by blistering hot days and the occasional misty evenings.<br /><br />Alternatively the more primordial game ranch settings are numerous and range from the small, <a href="http://www.serendipity01.com/bush-wedding-ideas.htm" title="Bush wedding ideas">Bush wedding ideas</a> intimate venues such as Red Ivory where privacy and the sense of occasion dominate, to the larger, more expansive venues like Leopard Lodge where one can get lost in a sense of country, bush and scenic wildlife.<br /><br />Of course any skilled wedding photographer will use these abundant and lavish backdrops as fitting raw material to creatively support and enhance a photojournalistic storytelling experience that sequentially unfolds on the pages of a sophisticated, yet suitably abstract wedding album, where the environment plays a subtly predominant, yet secondary role in capturing the beauty of the bride and the essence of the day.<br /><br />Various Johannesburg wedding photographers have developed their own exclusive style and emotional signature that cleverly embodies and encapsulates this very unique highveld environment. Couples wanting to book a Johannesburg wedding photographer should <a href="http://www.serendipity01.com/bush-wedding-ideas.htm" title="Bush wedding ideas">Bush wedding ideas</a>who have worked at their venue of choice, to ascertain if the style of that photographer carries a similar synergy to their idea of the perfect wedding image.<br /> <br /><br /><br /><a href="http://7-important-steps-of-the-christian-wedding-ceremony.bloghi.com/">Ideas For a Special 50th Wedding Anniversary</a>, <a href="http://www.getjealous.com/elijahfitzpa717/journal/1936545/7-important-steps-of-the-christian-weddi.html">Ideas For a Special 50th Wedding Anniversary</a>, <a href="http://worldvillage.com/elijahfitzpa717-brooks-gray">Wedding</a>

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