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Forklift Hire

Forklift Hire
It is a big decision buying a forklift and will require you to consider your companies needs and specifications. You also need to decide whether it is best for your company to purchase a new or used one, or even rent one. This in itself has many advantages and disadvantages and reasons for and against.

Smaller businesses may go down the root of buying a used forklift, because of the lesser price. Bear in mind though, that used ones do not have as much life as a used forklifts, and will require more maintenance, maybe to the point of over time costing as much as a new ones, just with more headaches.

There is usually longer warranties on newer models, but the initial outlay may be too expensive for some companies to afford so a used one could be the only option. Another way to cut initial costs would be to rent one of them.

You must have a forklift licence holder in your place of work to operate the it, have you got one? Please bear this in mind as it is against the law for anyone to drive a forklift. You must also make sure your building complies to all the safety regulations of driving within a warehouse.

Forklifts have attachments which can turn them into pretty much anything including a crane and you should consider the attachments available for forklifts before going ahead and purchasing or renting another piece of equipment, this may also give you incentive to buy one rather than rent.

You can save fuel by using truck mounted forklifts. Having just the one type of truck in your warehouse can save lots of effort and money in training up staff to use all the gear. They can double up as many other tools for the warehouse as well as the normal forklift function.

The greatest advantage to hiring a forklift oppose to owning your own is that the fork hire company takes care of everything for you. If you owned a fork lift truck you would have to pay for maintenance, repairs, and new parts, whereas using a hire fork lift you can simply use the machine when you need it and then give it back at the end of the day.

Following are sample questions you will need to know the answers to in order to get the right quote:

• Ask for various quotes on different forklift makes and brands, and let the company know if you have any preferences.

• You should know what your requirements are before you start your search. Knowing what you will be using the forklift for will determine whether you need a diesel, gas or battery powered forklift.

• What will the maximum weight be that the forklift be expected to lift, and how high does the forklift have to reach?

• Work out a rough figure of how much you are willing to spend on forklift hire beforehand.

• Different tires are used on forklifts such as solid, semi pneumatic and pneumatic, as each tire is suited for different types of work.

• Know the company policy on breakages – make sure that the price you pay includes repairs.

• What is the time period of use – committing to a lengthy contract is an important decision as you will most probably receive better rates on long term use.

• What extra services are included in the price?

Ensure when you weigh up the forklift hire options available to you, that you have done thorough research on the company you are hiring your forklift from. Make sure their machines are all in good working order, complying with all relevant health and safety regulations.
Here is a look at some top tips when buying your fork truck parts to take into consideration.
Forklift Hire

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