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2011-07-21 16:21:28 (UTC)

Lost my job but being a jack of all trades is going to work with the internet

Excuse me while I ramble a bit on my first post here. <br /><br />Well, lost my job a while back. I was working for a real estate developer that had an architecture firm attached to it. I bounced between both sides of the office like a <a href=",_master_of_none">jack-of-all trades</a>. Still that didn’t help me keep the job. They were trying to fund for some buildings in Los Angeles, Denver and New York. It is amazing how many crooks there are in that business. People that want to go around beating their chests and telling everyone how great they are. However, they didn’t have connections, money, experience or anything. Just liars. It pretty much disgusted me. And I do realize that all businesses have these aspects. Even the church I go to has so many people with agendas it makes you wonder how anything gets done.<br /><br />So I find myself where I’m at now. I’m learning how the Internet works because I believe the future is here. I can’t handle working for another company that has such limited scope. It surprises me that so many companies, especially the smaller ones, have yet to adapt to the changing business models the Internet is dictating. I figure once I understand how to design, market and keep a website current, I might be able to write my own ticket. Of course, I’ll have to prove I know what I’m doing first but I’m excited about it. And I am finding the being a jack-of-all-trades is helping me learn how the Internet works because it enables me to learn just enough on each aspect to be effective.<br /><br />This brings up another interesting point that I just realized or learned as I make my way through life. I do not take advice from anyone on any subject if they have not done the action and had success. A perfect example of why I don’t listen to these folks anymore is because I learned the hard way. When I was working, I had put together a nice stock portfolio. I let a lady handle it during the ‘90s when even a trained monkey could make money in the stock market. However, she was not a real broker. She was just an order taker. I should have asked what her money was in. I should have noticed right away that she wasn’t living at a very successful level so how could she make my money successful. Well, long story short the market dipped in 1999-2000 and most my money went with it. She didn’t call to warn me. She didn’t know. She wasn’t even looking out for me. I will not ever do that again or anything like it. <br /><br />Therefore, I will prove myself in the Internet field before I can say I can do it for someone else.<br />

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