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2011-07-21 10:53:40 (UTC)

Karen Millen,a Style,a Life and an Attitude

Karen Millen, one of the most famous female brands in Britain. It was found in 1984 by Karen Millen in England. In the 1983, Karen Millen and her friend Kevin Stanford opened the first shop in Kent. Although it was not a shop with large scale, and most of the clothes were made by the family-style designers, she opened another two shops in England. After experienced the financial difficulties, they finally opened the first shop in London, then they won a huge profit.<br /><br />Nowadays, Karen Millen has change into a brand group who own 150 multinational enterprises. Except the outstanding Karen Millen dresses, she also develop the cosmetic and skin care product. Now Karen Millen's elegant and mature high-class dresses have won great praise from the professional female. In addition, Karen Million's showy evening dress and sex high-heel shoes are the popular and excellent choices for the party socialite. <br /><br />She is keen on designing the fashionable women's clothes, shoes and accessories. Karen Millen dress attaches great importance to every detail and try her best to design the most beautiful clothes to every woman. Actually, Karen Millen dress is the symbol of modern intellectual beauty.<br /><br />Karen Millen dresses are suitable for those office ladies or the party queens. Karen Millen outlet reminds you that if you are already 30 years old, please do not follow the sex hot wind of the fashion show. 2011 is a booming year for the stripe clothes, if you can't help getting one, just kill that thought immediately. Only the white blue Karen Millen dress series are second to none. Blue is one of the three primary colors, so choose blue to match with any color won't make mistakes.<br /><br />Follow the Karen Millen’s steps, you will find that you can become the most beautiful lady in the world no matter you are short or tall. It will always make you be confident and proud of wearing it. Wearing Karen Millen dress you don’t worried about you won’t get the attention from the man, your charming will be showed out completely. Just believe yourself!<br /><br /><br /><a href="http://www.karenmillendressesuk.com">karenmillen</a>

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