A new story to tell
2001-10-10 03:23:21 (UTC)

do you smell the rubber..

do you smell the rubber burning? that's the tires melting.
overloaded, over drive. uncontrollable, inconceivable. hold
on tight. this life's flashing before our very eyes.do you
see it too? are we still invisible? crushing, collapsing,
caving in. spinning like a merry-go-round gone mad. images
playing back through my head. is that all there is to my
life? boy was i deceived. how could i have my priorities so
out of wack? how could I have been so wrong? it all seemed
right. is there time to rearrange my thoughts? is it over
yet? what's that bright light? there's a strange force
around us. surrounding us, protecting us, watching us. i'm
not too sure,i'm still a little out of it. i hear voices,
but their screams are muffled. i don't understand them, i'm
dissorriented and confused.what do you want? i just wanna
sleep, or if i already am, wake up from this dream. it's
over, think. it wasn't a nightmare. the steel pinched me,
and I didn't wake up.guess it's reality. i gotta face the
facts. the horn's beeping and it won't stop. how do I get
this seat belt off? why am i upside down? blood's dripping
all around. chardes of glass every where. i can't see a
thing. I must have hit my head rather hard. how are you
guys doing back there? hold on, let me get out. i'm stuck
here. we all need help. i'll crawl out and yell so hard my
vocal chords snap like a rubber band. maybe i'll capture
somebody's attention. shock restricts me. shaking
convulsions add to the effect. i can't believe this could
happen. i was just having some fun, goofing off. oh boy,
there's a siren. what's my explanation. honesly don't know.
i can't rewind. i can't bear to witness my mistake.OKAY,
luck had nothing to do with it, wasn't even part of the
equation. High speed angels keeping up with me, until that
sharp turn I couldn't quite clear. Then it's to the rescue
they come, saving all of us in the car. God keeps a good
look out, whether we care or not, whether we acknowledge
Him or not, and He's got total control. no exceptions. He
knows what he's doing. That's why i live to tell this
story, that's why i'm still standing. that's why there was
only a few cuts, scrapes, black and blue marks, and a
highly bruised ego. but know I know.