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2011-07-21 01:00:33 (UTC)

Silly Girl

“You will dress in a skirt, white blouse, modest bra and panties, knee high socks, and black low heels. You will wear your hair in 2 pigtails tied with ribbons. You may not wear jewelry. You will do your makeup so that you look like a doll – blue eye shadow, big pink circles on your cheeks for blush, bright pink lipstick, etc. You will carry a teddy bear with you. You will suck your thumb while driving. You will look ridiculous. Be here by 7pm. Park 3 blocks away. Carry your teddy bear and suck your thumb while walking to my house.”

I followed my Dom’s instructions and he was right, I looked absolutely ridiculous. I was mortified having to go out in public looking like a school girl on acid. I kept my head down as I walked but it was still obvious to everyone I passed that I was sucking my thumb and hugging a teddy bear. I was utterly relieved when I got to my Dom’s door.

He opened the door but did not invite me in. “It looked like you had your head down while walking here, were you trying to hide your face and save yourself some embarrassment?”

I didn’t realize he had been watching. “Um, yes Sir.”

“That defeats the purpose. Now turn around, face the street and have a seat on the stoop here. Hug your bear, suck your thumb, and keep your head up high. You will remain this way until I come let you in. If you move at all your punishment will only get worse.” With that, he walked back inside closing the door behind him. I was left to endure my humiliation alone.

He left me sitting on the stoop for about 20 minutes. Countless cars drove by and dozens of pedestrians walked past. Several stopped and pulled out their cell phones to snap photos of me, probably figuring no one would believe them when they tried to describe how I looked. I was less than thrilled at the idea of my humiliation being preserved for all posterity.

Finally, I was allowed inside. My Dom sat in his favorite armchair while I stood before him with my hands on my head. “So, are you enjoying your humiliation today, slut?”

“No, Sir.”

“Awww, poor baby. I like the way you look today. I might have you dress like this more often. Hug your teddy bear and put your thumb back in your mouth.” I obeyed. He pulled out a camera and took several pictures of me and my humiliation. “These will be great. I’m going to have to get one framed. And they are digital too, so I can post one on your facebook page.” He smiled. I sulked.

“Don’t worry slut, we’re nowhere near done yet. You’ve been a little mouthy recently so I think it’s time to address that and remind you of your place. Not that I really need a reason to torture and humiliate you. Follow me.” He led me to the living room windows and stood me right in front of them. They are large bay windows that stretch almost from floor to ceiling. I was told to stand with my legs apart and hands behind my head. A dunce cap was placed on my head and a bar of soap shoved into my mouth. Once again I was left to endure my public humiliation. While I was on display, my Dom went outside and took pictures of me through the window. More wonderful memories preserved.

I was made to endure this for a good half hour or so. I was thrilled to have the soap removed from my mouth but was less than thrilled that I wasn’t allowed to spit or rinse my mouth. The disgusting taste would linger. My Dom loved the sulking, disgusted look on my baby-doll face. “Look at how grumpy you seem. That’s great. I think I’ll send you home with this soap and have you suck on it a little every night right before bed. That way you can enjoy the flavor til morning. Won’t that be nice?”

“No, Sir.”

“No? I offer you this gift and you say no? You better watch yourself, little miss slut, or you’ll be sucking on it after every meal. Would that be better?”

“No, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir. Thank you for your gift, Sir.”

“That’s better. But I think you could still use a bit of an attitude adjustment. Apparently the thought of these lovely pictures of you all over the internet isn’t enough. Turn around, pull your panties down to your knees, bend over and touch your toes.”

My Dom lifted my skirt and with my bare ass exposed began the paddling. 30 hard swats until I was on the verge of tears and yelling quite loudly. To muffle my cries, my panties were removed entirely and shoved into my mouth like a gag. To add insult to injury, I was moved to the sofa and ordered into the diaper position. On my back I put my hands behind my knees and held my legs up and open, exposing my ass and pussy. He used the paddle again, targeting the tender area where my ass meets my thighs, paddling me there repeatedly until he was satisfied with the tears streaming down my cheeks. He removed my panties from my mouth and replaced them with the bar of soap, and ordered me to hold the exposed and slutty position for him while I regained my composure.

Eventually he took back the bar of soap. I couldn’t help notice him place in a plastic container and set it near my purse. “Are we having fun yet, slut?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Would you like some more pain now?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Your pussy is already open and inviting, should we start there?”

“Yes, Sir.”

He grabbed his flogger and went to work whipping my exposed pussy hard. He continued until my pussy was red and throbbing and I was begging him to stop. “What’s the matter, slut? Am I hurting your poor pussy?”

“Yes, Sir. Please stop.”

“Why on earth would I do that? Naughty sluts deserve to have their pussies punished, don’t they?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Say it.”

“Naughty sluts deserve to have their pussies punished.” Another hard lash of the flogger landed on my pussy.


“Naughty sluts deserve to have their pussies punished.” Another hard lash. “Naughty sluts deserve to have their pussies punished.” Another. “Naughty sluts deserve to have their pussies punished.” This continued another 10 times.

“How’s that pussy doing now, slut?”

“It hurts so much, Sir.” He reached his hand out and stroked my pussy. It was hot and throbbing. He slapped it a few times for good measure causing me to wince in pain.

“So pathetic. You fancy yourself such a painslut but your pain tolerance is pitifully low. We’ll have to work on that. Get up and strip naked, now.” I obey. He walked out of my view for a minute and returned with the bathroom plunger. The plunger has a black base and clear handle. The top of the handle has a series of ripped bulges at the top. He stuck it on the hardwood floor in front of me and pushed it down so that the plunger part stuck to the floor.

“I’m sure you can imagine what comes next, slut. Put your hands on your head, squat over it, and start fucking yourself with it.” I did as instructed. Wearing nothing but my absurd baby doll makeup I squatted over it and began fucking myself with the plunger. My Dom laughed at me while commanding me to fuck it harder and faster. “That’s it slut, moan while you’re doing it. Show me how much you enjoy fucking yourself with a toilet plunger. Ha-ha. I think I might have you do this alone in your bathroom in the future so you can always remember what a sick slut you are. Would you like that, slut? Fucking yourself with something that normally goes in a toilet?” I knew the question didn’t warrant an answer. My Dom loves finding new and embarrassing ways for me pleasure myself, knowing that I get off on the humiliation.

“Let’s work on your pain tolerance while we’re at it.” He had me pause long enough to add some nipple clamps and weights to my predicament, then ordered me to return to my rigorous fucking. The movement caused my tits to bounce up and down and the weights on my nipples hurt with every thrust. I was now groaning in pain instead of pleasure. The pain caused me to slow down, which displeased my Dom.

To encourage me to fuck myself and torture my nipples with more vigor, he grabbed his cane and stepped behind me. He began lashing my ass with the cane while ordering me to fuck myself harder and faster. Soon my ass and nipples were in extreme pain and I was begging for mercy. He continued the caning and my plunger-fucking torture another several minutes to ensure that my pleading was sincere. When I dismounted the plunger I was ordered to suck the make-shift dildo clean and dry it with my hair before the nipple clamps and weights were removed.

I had hoped that my suffering was done for the day, but my Dom wasn’t finished yet. He forced me onto the ground and quickly secured me in a very tight hogtie. He used a nose-hook to keep my head up. He then walked around shocking me repeatedly with his cattle-prod. After every painful shock I was directed to yell, “this silly painslut thanks you for hurting and humiliating her, Sir.” He shocked my legs, arms, back, ass, feet, sides, and every other exposed piece of flesh. He must have shocked me several dozen times before he was satisfied.

Eventually, my Dom got ready to send me home. He touched up my bright pink lipstick, not bothering to stay inside the lines and leaving me looking even more like a clown. In addition to my teddy bear, I was given the soap container and toilet plunger to carry home. I was then given my final instructions.

“When you get home, you will stick the plunger in the middle of your bathroom floor. You will strip naked. You will leave your silly makeup on. You will put the bar of soap back in your mouth. You will once again straddle the handle of toilet plunger and fuck yourself with it. You will watch yourself in the mirror as you suck the soap and fuck the plunger. You will do this for a full 10 minutes and you may cum if you want to. Be sure to watch yourself and enjoy how ridiculous you look the entire time. You will again suck the plunger handle clean when you are done. Only then may you wash your face and go bed. You may not rinse your mouth.”

Such a silly girl.