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2011-07-21 01:00:51 (UTC)

What is a Certified Petroleum Landman?

A Certified Petroleum Landman is a person who provides various services for oil and gas companies. Some of the services can include: <br /><br /><ul><br /><br /><li>Due Diligence</li> <br /><li>Environmental Site Assessment</li><br /><li>Heirship Search</li> <br /><li>Lease Checks</li><br /><li>Lease Take-Off and Mapping</li> <br /><li>Mineral and Surface Ownership Reports</li> <br /><li>Oil & Gas Lease Negotiation</li><br /><li>Preparation of Receiverships</li><br /><li>Preparation of Unit Designations</li><br /><li>Preparation of Runsheets</li><br /><li>Surface Damage Settlements</li><br /><li>Title Curative</li> <br /><br /></ul><br /><br />Most Landmen spend much of their time researching records at the courthouse. Most of the needed data has yet to be computerized, so researching the property books is still needed, and the Petroleum Landman must have great attention to detail.<br /><br />Even though the majority of Petroleum Landmen are still men, the term Landman also refers to the women in the industry. The number of women who are landmen increases every year.<br /><br />There are other industries besides the petroleum industry that need the services and expertise of Petroleum Landmen. One such industry is the wind industry, and the duties performed by the Certified Petroleum Landman for the wind industry are very similar to what they do for the oil and gas industry. <br /><br /><a href="">What is a Petroleum Land man?</a>, <a href="">What is a Petroleum Land man?</a>, <a href="">What is a Petroleum Land man?</a>

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