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2011-07-21 00:52:50 (UTC)

What is a Petroleum Land man?

A Petroleum Land man is an individual who performs diverse services for oil and gas exploration companies. These services can include: <br /><br /><ul><br /><br /><li>Acquisition of County and State Permits</li><br /><li>Due Diligence</li> <br /><li>Environmental Site Assessment</li> <br /><li>Lease Checks</li><br /><li>Negtiation of Oil & Gas Leases</li><br /><li>Preparation of Division Orders</li><br /><li>Probate Proceedings</li><br /><li>Records Management</li><br /><li>Right of Way Negotiation and Acquisition</li><br /><li>Title Research</li><br /><li>Title Opinions</li> <br /><li>Topographic and Boundary Surveys</li><br /><br /></ul><br /><br />Landmen spend a lot of time at the courthouse researching. Much of the information has not been computerized, so manual research is still necessary, and attention to detail is vital for the Petroleum Landman.<br /><br />The majority of Petroleum Landmen are still men, but the term also refers to women in the field. More and more women are becoming landmen.<br /><br />In addition to the petroleum industry, there are other industries that often require the skills and expertise of the Oil & Gas Landman. One of those is the wind industry, and there are similar duties performed by the Petroleum Land man for the wind industry. <br /><br /><a href="">Oil Gas Landman </a>

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