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2011-07-19 15:10:06 (UTC)

I kinda have a boy friend..

I kinda have a boy friend. We corrispond thur email, i have only seen him twice since April. I like him he says he loves me and I have told him I love him. He has 2 girls. He says he works a lot, maybe he does, but I have wondered if its really true. He told me once he wanted to end the relationship because I wasn't giving him want he wanted emotionally, How could i do that when i didn't see him or we didn't even talk on the phone. Some things are weird to say the least. He was here 3 weeks ago and he had 3 bath in less than 24 yrs of being here. And he spent a lot of time in the bathroom. I don't know to me it is kinda a weird. He even ask me if I wanted to move in with him and his girls, he wanted me to think about it and not give him an answer right away. I know I can't do that. I am so lonely. I really don't think its going anywhere.

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