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2011-07-15 13:48:27 (UTC)

Another Man Hater Day!!

Man men piss me off to no end.
A woman gets stressed and raises her voice to relieve the stress and the man in turn yells back...
He says "I'm not going to take this abuse anymore. You yell at me, I yell back! I'm not going to curl up in some ball in the corner."
But when a man gets stressed what happens?!?
They will bitch and get up tight about anything and everything...even things that don't pertain to that situation. Kids being noisy, place a lil messy, etc. And us women have to keep our mouths shut and tolerate it and listen and be supportive. If we yell back, what happens? A yelling match gets started. So women tend to be supportive and let the man rant but we are bitches or 'wanting to start a fight' when we get stressed and act half as bad as they do when they get stressed.
I'm so sick of this male double standard bullshit.

You tell a man, "I don't have time for this shit, I have things to do (to tend to what's stressing you), I won't text or call right now and get myself even more stressed cause you can't be supportive" and hang up.
The man has no fucking clue what that means I guess cause he calls non stop over and over.
Hello?!? Did I just not say I don't have time to add your yelling back at me to my stress I have going on already in real life?!? Yet you insist on calling and wanting me to pick up so we can fight? I don't think so!

I think men enjoy yelling and fighting with women! They get some type of nutt control off of it. Well, I'm a red head, scotch irish and german and won't tolerate it from 98% of people. I don't care how big and bad 'you think' you are.
I've worked in the police force for a number of years and know how to take a man down and I'm not afraid to do so. I don't care if it's verbally or physically.

Fucking men are pricks. Seems only the gay ones have enough comon sense to respect a woman.

(take a deep breath....don't let the ass get the satisfaction of pissing you off)
(takes a deep breath....holds.....exhales)
Ahhh, tine fir coffee, music, a smoke, and get busy with kids, chores, and dealing with the stress of company coming.

Have a bright and sunny day y'll!