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2011-07-15 10:52:52 (UTC)

Tapped a keg

Thursday 7-14-11
Got to work early enough so that Patrick's instruction to John to call me before doing the boundary work on his first (only) job of the day was taken care of before he left the office. I said "By all means, do the boundary". Then I finalized the update that was fielded and drawn yesterday. Drew the only one I had. Spent the day doing phone calls and pricings, conferences and card games. It was exiting.

On the way home I checked out a new house at 222 South B Street. I liked it. CBS. Good curb appeal. Fence. All the windows in good repair. Florida room. Shed. Off-street parking for four. Fenced in yard. Place for a boat. I called Ron Crosby to be shown the place on the inside. Have an appointment to be shown it tomorrow right after work.

Then home. Missy hadn't peed or pooped inside on any of the furniture. Good dog.

I tapped the keg I bought last week at the grocery store. One of those 5 liter Heineken mini-kegs. I've seen them for years and never bought one. So last time I did. Tapping was ridiculously easy. Stick on one piece. Stick on another piece, and pour. No fuss, no muss. And the beer was good. I'm not really a Heineken drinker, but for the price (about $2 a pint) I suppose I could be. We'll see. It fits well enough in the fridge too.

Lauri came for a bit. We went together and saw the one at 222 S B and also she wanted to see the one at 1201 N F so we went there too. It's got a lot of plusses, but the sign that no one is allowed inside until the fire department says okay is a little frightening. We agreed 222 is better. I told her I'd call and pick her up to see it tomorrow. Then we went home again. She checked out the beer, and said she liked it, but didn't finish her glass.

She suddenly remembered the cd's from Havana's at Munich, and left right then. I said good night. She actually called about nine and said they still had them and she got them. I was shocked. She said she'd be right home and actually got here a little after ten. I usually through a fit about that but tonight I just wasn't in a fit-throwing mood. We kissed good night and went to our corners like boxers.

Missy woke me up to out and then again to come in. The rain woke me up. The alarm woke me up. I had a busier night than I did a day.

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