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2011-07-15 02:13:19 (UTC)

Shocking  the  Parents

Well, after my therapy tonight, I got the nerve up to pop over to my 16 year old daughters boyfriends place, hoping that the parents were home. To my luck, they were. I nicely confronted the parents of the boy, and let them know the two kids were having sex, and it was in their home.
To my surprise, it went well. The mother was beside me on the grounding of the kids, supervision at all times until my daughter gets the test results and birth control in full play. They agreed these kids have no idea what they are getting into. I was very happy I went over. Despite what the kids said, his parents were unaware of what they were doing in their home.
I still can't believe I handled it so calmly. I took the bull by the balls so to speak and hung them out to shrivel.
I do feel for the parents who are as shocked as I was. I also apologized for taking a day to get the nerve up. The mother totally understood it was not an easy thing for me to do, but was the right thing also.
She was concerned for my daughter, which made me realize she cares and was not aware at all, and is a decent parent despite her sons rumors.
Anyway, time to sit my daughter down and let her know I went to the boys parents.

Till later......