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2011-07-14 17:18:29 (UTC)

Two days worth.

Wednesday, 7-13-11
Up and at work. Bored for the first couple of hours with nothing to do. Then John brought the rush job in and I had something to do. Then the phones started ringing and I had lots and lots to do. Got the rush done by noon, including pricing some proposals.

Wished Joy a good trip, and went to lunch. Having said I wasn't coming back.

Checked out a house at3890 Plum Tree road. It was nice enough. I called, and it was already under contract. Drove by 827 S. G street, and it was in a ghetto neighborhood. Plus, I had seen that one I made an offer on months ago had come back on the market last night, and this morning it was under contract again. So three down today. I called to be shown the one at 515 N. J street, but just got an answering machine. It's more than I want to pay anyway.

Came home to Lauri. We visited for a quite a while. She ended up going out though. Stayed out for the night.

I watched TV for a bit and went to bed.

Tuesday 7-12-11 Next Day Back a Day Back a Month Back a Year Home

At work, John had brought in two for me to do today. And Jesse had done one. So I drew three surveys all day. Not a bad day. Did some proposals, some housekeeping on my computer.

On the way home I checked out 1201 North F Street. Huge lot. Big patios, front back and side. Floriday room. Missing rooms. Walls, I mean. Condemned building. No. Stopped at Little Owl. The barmaid I always want to call Robera, but who's real name is Lauri, was there. Some woman I didn't know and one guy I knew mostly because he has a wheelchair. On the way out I stopped and talked with Tammy. She's not working at the hotel anymore. She's looking after Paul, who suffered some kind of stroke and has completely lost his short term memory. Tammy has grey hair now. I mentioned Lauri had been barred a long time ago and Tammy blurted out "She still is." Never call an owner a bitch, especially if she really is one.

Went to Havana's for open mike night. With Lauri. Sonia had called and we invited her. The first singer was okay, a worthy start. The second was better. The third was very good. The fourth sang songs I knew the words to. I liked that. Then they had a contest. We had ten singers of one song each, and we picked the best songwriter. We picked the winner. Paul something. He gave us a cd each. It was fun. Sonia got drunk and loud. Not fun. Ronnie came by, still drinking Pepsi. He just stayed a minute. Key Chain Amy came by and took our picture for us. We didn't stay to the end (and didn't hear Max) but instead went to Munich's to get away from the loudness. Had one each, and forgot cd's there.

Home, bed, followed by a whole new day.

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