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2011-07-13 20:45:54 (UTC)

Screw it.....History 101

You know, I try so hard to hold my family together.
'sweet pebbles'....I will clarify a few things.

I was born in 71.
Beat, abused, starved, so on.
At age 3, put in an orphanage.
At age 4, on Thursdays Child.
At age 5, adopted to abusive (physical, sexual, verbal, mental) parents.
At age 9, I told my teacher, was removed and placed in a children's village.
At age 10, went to court, to testify against my adopted parents.
At age 11, was told "too old to be re-adopted" so placed back in the home.
From age 12 till age 19, was an alcoholic and druggie, as well as a self harmer.
(my first cut was before 12, but at 12, it became daily)
At age 19, was raped while drunk, found out 3 months later I was pregnant.
At age 20, I started "growing up".
Decided to be a mom.
Found out in 1998 I was bipolar, manic depressive, MPD, OCD, PTSD, so on and so on.
In 95, my oldest tried to kill her new born sister....
Hell began there.

I will stop here. I feel I've said too much as it is.
But maybe those who read will understand why I am messed up.

As for "getting out of the funk"
Hun, I try every Sunday to take the kids new places. This past Sunday was an out door concert, picnic dinner and games.
Last Sunday, biked 24 miles.
Every Sunday it's something different.
Every Saturday is movie theater day.

(will write more later....therapist is calling...)