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2011-07-13 20:00:02 (UTC)

teen angel

Just wonderful.

Found out my "just turned 16" is having sex...
What upsets me even more....
It's with a boy I just had an order of protection against.
He was beating her when they dated last year.

They had sex at his place, while the parent was home.

Of all flipping things!

I already have two grandchildren. What the hell is wrong with these kids? Do they not understand the reality of getting pregnant at this age?!?!?!?

I didn't go through this as a teen...thanks to my adopted father.
So I'm not one to look back and say I did it at your age....
Cause I didn't. I wasn't sexual, thanks adopted father...
But ended up raped at 19.....
Anyway, I'm not going to go into my life's history....part of the reason I'm so fucked up....

I'm just at a loss. I'm angry, but know anger won't help.
I'm hurt she didn't talk to me so I could get her proper protection if she still chose to do so.....
I'm upset because I hate to see her life get torn upside down due to a pregnancy.

I want to beat the pulp outa someone....
More than likely yell and scream at the other parent.
"are you fucking stupid?!?!?"
"what the fuck are you thinking?!?!"
"are you not 'the parent' here?!?!?"
"why the fucking hell didn't you tell me?!?!?"

I could go on. Never to give them a word in.
Fucking idiots!
Just cause they have the son it's ok?
What if it was their daughter?!? Then what?!?!
Would their views be different?!?