Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2011-07-11 21:46:33 (UTC)

things in motion

I'm on a plane, on the 27th, into vancouver. Hooray! got my reservation at the same dive hostel I was in last year, that'll be nice. at least I can be on the beach. sort of. even found myself a nice mountain bike forsales on craigslist if it's still around, money'll be ridiculously tight til september, but, at least I'll be on the road, as it were.

nothing much else going on, it's literally me just sitting around waiting, perusing craigslist and kijiji for a place to sleep in some semblance of comfort til september when school starts. hooray for school! ugh. still haven't figured out the logistics on that score. do I pay it all off in september, or wait until NEXT september. it's sort of a wishywash game really. now, or later, as I've said, I'm nonetheless, on the road, as it were.

you have ups, you have downs, you have things go sideways. then there's the days when nothing happens, except what you expected. nothing. I'm going vancouver again it should be interesting at least. I had a good loong conversation with Jen last night, haven't had one in awhile, not a decent one anyways. can't wait to get out of here. I had a long conversation with Liam about his buddy trying to convince him to go on holiday to the Philippines instead of moving there. keep your eye on the target was the gist of my main point. thankfully, I think he gets it now.

I went to a strip club with Liam and his cohorts (I call them "the moron" and "he who is without hair nor sin", or just, the twins, both shave their heads bald). I had a $10 beer. because, $10 beers, are, well, $10 at clubs. At some point after being there for 20 minutes, our table was ransacked by a bevy of hard selling rippers, including one, who I swear to god, looked just like snookie, I couldn't stop laughing, and I even said, "you look like snookie" and she says, TOTALLY straight "OH EM GEE, Thats what I was going for", my eyes, they bled a little, think my brain went on strike, I was suddenly in much pain. I left after being there, a grand total of 40 odd minutes. I loathe strip clubs. I don't know why I agreed to go, but, ah well.

I've been looking through Craigslist, Kijiji, and Usedvancouver for places to rent for about a good two weeks now, and everything, is bloody expensive. sigh. I had a perfectly fine place in east van, ok, it wasn't perfect. psycho roomie, in general wasn't happy, but the rent, was ridiculously cheap. $875 a month, plus about $75 for internet. The only places I've been seeing, are $800 a month, for a bloody bachelor or 1 bedroom. and nevermind North Van where I'm looking at, where one would think it'd be cheaper, it isn't, by and large, they're asking $2600 for a 2 bedroom. Who the hell lives in these places? now, I could go and pay the rent on a $2000 3 bedroom for 3 or 4 months, and then put up ads for roomies and charge them $750 a month, but who the FRAK would pay that? I must be missing something. And the fact that student loans pays not enough, even with bursary's, I think I might be boned. I should have kicked the psycho out, and stayed the hell put. BLAH.

So I bought a 2 month pass for Good Life which is around the corner, open 24hrs too, during the week, I went yesterday did this little workout thing with a trainer, he did this scale thing with bmi etc, I wanted to kill myself. I'm only 90lbs overweight. wee. according to the machine, I aught to be about 195, well, fucked if I am anywhere near that. Accordingly, they tried to sell me at the very low price, 6 personal training sessions for $240. I told the guy, in no uncertain terms, to get stuffed, seriously, like I can't read a thousand and twelve forums or magazines on gym goers etc. oy. so, now I'm hitting the gym. tomorrow I work on chest and arms, my form was "excellent" as the guy who was "showing me the machines" said in a pithy voice. It's really about time I got into the gym again, and some semblance of fitness. when I get to van, I'll be buying a mountain bike and biking to which ever school I happen to get into. so, that'll be something, and they all have gyms, so, it's not like I'll have any excuses to go.

oh, what else.. I'm eagerly anticipating with abated breath, NEWS of my impending scholastic endeavors. sure, it's only been since thursday and friday was a holiday. and the U of Manitoba hasn't even charged my credit card to mail out my documents. EVEN THOUGH I FUCKING FAXED IT IN. ok, so I may be a tad impatient. heh. I'm hoping for UBC which would be ideal, but guessing I'll get Capilano, which won't be too bad, my third choice being well, actually, I don't want to go anywhere else other than those two. I've been purusing through Capilano's prof sections and like a few of them, UBC on the other hand is all commerce stuff, so who knows. On the plus side, about 27 to 30 credits will be able to be transferred over, the crappy summer 6 credit world history course (in which I think I showed up, for 9 out of 35 classes) I took in the summer before kristen and I broke up in and that squeaked by with a D, the two icelandic myths (thank christ for A 's) and the latin translation course (I'm pretty sure I got a B- in that one), and the Byzantium Empire class, ditto the cultural anthro classes and that intro to computer science. So other than the horrible grade from the history class, I might wind up going in with a 3.0 to 3.5 gpa. We'll see happens. I just hope they don't count any of the 1998 classes I took at U of W. I think I failed 8 out 10 that year. happens when you don't show up. oops.

I have, off and on, used Plenty of Freaks (fish) and Ok Cupid to go out on some dates. I've been on my fair share of them, I met psycho's, freaks, the "too nice" to dates, the "fugly ducklings with no hope of ever becoming swans", and I've actually dated a handful, (ok, more than a handful) over the years. Phil constantly berates me (and others whom I will not mention, Ashley, Kelly), over it and he's right, going out and meeting people through other interests and not online is the better way to do it. But sometimes, when you're like me, and you have few close friends (in Ottawa, I have 2, in Montreal 2, in Vancouver 4, Winnipeg-ugh, 30 that I never talk to, but whom occasionally seek me out) and in the last 3 years or so I've been a bit of a terrible friend, the whole Hermit stay at home do nothing, has really gotten to me. Anyways, like I was saying, it's hard to meet people when you're not overly sociable to begin with at the best of times.

I've been chatting with this one girl for 2 months now on Ok Stupid, nice enough, though not really my type, the blonde, blue eyed thing doesn't do much for me (other than 2 or 3 exceptions in the past, but they've been exceptional), and is more hippie than I like to deal with. I don't like flakey people, she, sounds a bit, but, I'm not bored talking to her, so she wins points for that, and I agree to go out for lunch with her, I don't take her to my fav spot, just in case it doesn't work out. We have lunch, I see her, and she's wearing about 3 pounds of makeup, she's also a bit taller than her profile would suggest, or I'm shorter, or maybe it was the low heels, I don't know, and we have an alright time. We chat, we go for a walk along the canal, it was ok. I get home, and there's a mail waiting for me, I think, ok, cool. No. not cool at all. in it, she berates me for not walking her home, complains of my "cool, aloofness" and finishes her scathing remarks among them, that I didn't compliment her.

now, I'm pretty sure, I said "hey, you look great" when we sat down, in fact, I make sure to compliment any woman at least twice on a first date, a) I'm a gentleman, b) to be selfish, it does garner points. Now, I don't like makeup on girls, it's just a thing, but I'm not the type that's going to dismiss or say anything, it's a first date, I'm nervous, she may or may not be, I try not to presume, but she caked on the lipstick a bit much, ok, whatever, I'm a cool chicken. I like a girl who likes to dress up, but, it was a casual lunch, not at some 5 star restaurant excursion. I just don't get it. I thought I was a perfect gentleman, and was going to ask her out for a 2nd date, but, guess not. I hate online dating. so much.

Anyways, I had deleted my profile, and put it back up, only with Vancouver as my "home city" a few weeks ago, deciding that, well, I was chatting with one girl, it goes somewhere, if it did then I'd rethink going to Vanc, but, it didn't, as I suspected. But now I'm looking at my okstupid profile and thinking, ugh, not again. I really hate dating. sex I wouldn't mind, but my fwb moved away from here last year, and ophelia rebuked my advances (all the while encouraging them, but thats a whole other thing), blah.

I'm still a diehard romantic. I still believe in love. Oh well. Onwards and upwards.