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2011-07-12 02:18:53 (UTC)

Ronnie is sober?

Monday 7-11-11
Up right at six. Out of the house by seven. At work and plugging away nicely at eight. The first two drawings were out by nine. All I had to do was add the map and certifications to them. And answer phones. The third one was only half done and I had to finish it but got it out before noon. Before that John came in with a bring-back. And Jesse emailed one in. I did Jesse's, and I did John's. So that was five drawings out on a Monday. Good deal. Productive day. Then at the end, John brought in two more. Neither is due until next week. So I'll do both of them tomorrow. Or that's the plan, anyway. I didn't bring them home.

Before leaving I called the realtor for 431 North F Street. The house is still available. She'll make an appointment to show it as soon as she can. She told me that if bought it, the tenant gets sixty days before he has to leave. I don't mind that, but I'll have to get some kind of insurance for it.

Lauri called just as I was on the way home. I went and picked her up from her cleaning job. Home for a bit, and we went walking. Walked to the house at 431. Three Caribbean blacks sitting outside on the curb. Clean, older, working men smoking cigarettes. We stayed quiet and walked around the corner and there was a single young Hispanic man in the back yard. So we have little or no idea who lives there now. Not real important I guess. Especially if I get insurance for it. I noticed it has asbestos siding. I don't like that. Window AC's. A few jalousie windows. But it's a good location for me. Fenced in yard. Three bedrooms, two bath. Patio in front and patio in back. Lots of guest parking, being on a corner. Utility shed. Good looking roof. Cheap enough that I can afford it.

Then halfway to Munich before we remembered it was closed on Mondays. So on to Southshores. We split a Philly Cheese sandwich and a pitcher of beer. No Sonia. No Ronnie, although we had seen him on the way. He said it was his third day sober. He said he didn't have any women staying at his place. He seemed sober, and more subdued. I wish him well.

We came home and went to bed to bed surprisingly early. We had gotten eaten up by mosquitos.