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2011-07-11 03:23:15 (UTC)

moi 0z Life Path Number 9..

moi 0z

Life Path Number 9 3
Destiny Number 3 6
Birthday Number 2 9
Balance Number 1 4

1. man was possibly around for a while before i came on again.
2. man was around for like 7 mins while i contemplated.
3. man went off..
4. i immediately appear (to see if he'll come back)..
5. i hang around for the next 35 mins..
6. man suddenly appears again.
7. I'm be on too but man hangs for 3 ms then off again.

man saw me appear in man's invisible state but did not want to come back just when i did. so man checked again half an hour later to find me still there, so man decides to come back and try. lingers for 3ms and since i do nothing man goes.