Dick's Story
2011-07-09 08:10:13 (UTC)

nancy took the 10:18 trai..

nancy took the 10:18 train to slo yesterday. paul was ripped off. his bike rack and damage to the top of the corolla.
i don't want to rely on myself any more. i want to rely on god. i want to begin practicing reliance on god today. i don't know what that means but i am willing to learn by trying.
i cannot live a holy life. i cannot find holiness within me. but i can decide to ask jesus to make me holy. jesus, will you make me holy today?
i am not right with god. i am as far away from that as is possible for a man to be. i cannot serve god. i cannot expect him to manifest his life in me. but i can make a deliberate committment to serve god. i will to serve god.
i do not believe in the truth of god. if i did, i would not live in darkness and sin as i do. but i can choose to let god be to me all that he says he will be. god i will to believe. will you help me to believe?
the next time i choose to descend into darkness, i will ask jesus to make me holy.
there is a stronghold of sin in my life. jesus will you destroy that stronghold of sin today?
i watched the toure de france this morning. paul is working ot. we talked about the barn. the boys are coming this afternoon.