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2011-07-08 01:00:16 (UTC)

Thanks ~S~

I've been encouraged to continue writing what I feel.
This depression - bipolar has been a struggle. I just found out I was Bipolar, Manic-Depressive, Over Compulsive Disorder, PTSD, just to name a few, about 7 years ago. Been on numerous meds for it. The past four years they have stuck with the 500mg of Depakote 5x a day. Also on Wellbutrin 200mg, Ambilify 20mg, 20 mg of Ambien, Imitrex for my migraines....
As I complained in the previous entry, I'm sick of the weight gain. I too, ~S~, understand, why the doctors say what they say....thing is, I might be stable with the bipolar, but my depression still hinders me. No matter the meds I try, nothing has helped for the depression. I like the Wellbutrin only because it has helped me get to the point of stop smoking. I had problems on Prozac, Zoloft, and a list of other meds.
I have migraines daily. Over stressed? I'm so used to high levels of stress with five kids, I doubt I even know what it's like to not have high stress. Over stressed is a norm for me.
Today didn't go so bad. Issues with the 16 year old and her boyfriend. Then of course the two girls, 10 & 12, who NEVER get along....ones the princess girly girl drama queen, and the other is the Tom-Boy aggravator. The three year old just hitting terrible twos....(why they call them terrible twos when all five of my kids hit it at the age of three, I will never know)
Then I had my therapy session. Having to discuss the stressors, nightmares, image issues, over the top mania, over compulsive cleaning, etc.
Kids are watching the teenage yuck show Glee. I'm more into the comedy, law, or action shows. I can't stand romance in any aspect. It's all not real. Gross. I've just gotten that way the past month or so.
But, enough for tonight on the black and white screen. I'm going to pop into a few of my iPhone games, and then crash for the night on some meds. Hope to wake up tomorrow with no headache.
To all just getting up, have a great day...those going to he'd, have a great night.