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2011-07-08 00:31:10 (UTC)

lets count sheep

1. Ben - 24/19:

2. Ben - 34/19: fell slightly in love. heartbroken.

3. Chris - 27/20: had hoped for something long term. he saw this and nipped it at the bud. the hurt didn't last very long though.

4. Anton - 24/20: from friends to one night's shag. he grew on me after this episode. led me on & took liberties. very hurt, very angry. got over it quick.

5. Martin - 37/20: happened unexpectedly. slightly regretted it. no warm feelings felt. one sided on his part.

6. Spiridon - 42/21: Halloween night. very poor lover. regretted it. no feelings felt.

7. Phil - 33/21: Was lonely and he was nice. slightly regret it. not my type. no strong feelings.

8. Frederick - 35/21: Liked this one for a short period. Had I been 19 i might have fallen for him, like ben. Wiser for it, so quickly saw as far as the aim was ever gonna go. stopped it there. no feelings.

9. Kai - 50/21: Pure debauchery. Very kinky. No regret.

10. Matth - 33/21: Most fulfilling sexual experience yet. Very much like this one, though I feel myself approaching it from a different angle than I would past love interests like conway or alec. i'm not waiting for his msgs. dunno if this is me evolving or if it's just cos i really don't care so much.