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2011-07-07 14:01:26 (UTC)

Depression - My struggle

Morning. First entry on here, first time on here.
I'm a mom to five beautiful children. I'm 39.
Past few days, I've struggled with heavy depression. I have no family, no friends. I tend to isolate myself. I guess I'm looking for support. Others who can help give me positives. Sometimes I feel that's needed when a person is feeling so low and doesn't hear positives in the real world. (Not that online isn't real, but it can have a secret false behind it)
Anyone else truly struggling with depression or bipolar? What has helped you overcome it? I'm on meds, but can't stand the meds I'm on due to the weight gain side effects. Tho, I'm 5'6" and 139 pounds, probably have nothing to worry with, but I also seem to have this image issue about myself. I was thinner when not on my meds 4 years ago, but have put on about 40 pounds in those 4 years, and I can't stand it. My doctor said the weight was better than being a yo-yo emotionally. But I dont think they understand, not being happy with the way you look can cause just as many problems emotionally.
Anyway, its 9 am here. Time to wake up the kids. Will pop in again another time :)
Have a great morning for those of you in the AM, and a great night for those of you in the PM. 