Dick's Story
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2011-07-05 12:57:10 (UTC)

up at 0545. snuck in jacu..

up at 0545. snuck in jacuzzi for 10 minutes. made coffee. maggie wouldn't come out. shower, shave. no contacts in eyes. had coffee and pb toast. took vitamins. drove to phys. therapy. arrived at work 0815. posted toure de france update. took dolly to rene's house. stopped walmart for phone card, pot, tartar, and body wash for nancy. filled tank on ranger. picked up f250 and filled tank. 2nd credit card use always sends me into clerk. updated utility metrics. issued shopping cart for warehouse cart. talked to larry about limbach speed reducer. took pictures of tow bar and angle end. sent to jay. posted stage 4 tdf results. had lasagna for lunch. casey anthony innocent. returned dakota 10 to frys.