Alex's Journal :P
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2011-07-04 00:10:04 (UTC)

Three Weeks In

Well the summer so far has been pretty backed with emotions. We left Sri Lanka about 3 weeks ago and flew to Dubai and then on the A380 top floor to Manchester. Not only was jet lag a problem bu the coldness was aswell! We had gone from 38 degrees to about 8! We were with my grandparents for about a week in which we saw my twins cousins, my uncle, his new wife, his new step daughter / my new half cousin, my new baby cousin, my very loud Newcastle cousin, my other uncle, and my 98 yr old great grandma. We then set of to Jersey for four days, we the flew back to Manchester and spent the night with some family friends to then fly out to Ireland the next morning. We stayed in Ireland for 2 days to the fly back to Manchester on the Thursday. Then on Monday we drove down to East Midlands to see my other 3 cousins. That night we went to a concert it a surprise... stretched limo!!!! We had a great night and spent the tuesday with them aswell to then drive back to Sheffield later on that day. Wednesday was quite eventful... i had to get up early to go see a man about whether i needed surgery on my knee or not for abiut the 10th tom. Also on Wednesday night we went to the carvary and saw my greatgrandma again. Thursday was a painfully early start... 5 am to then drive back to Manchester airport to catch a flight into France at 10. But then guess what... all the airport guys were on strike. 750,000 if them were!!! Either way.. We got here where I was reunited with my dad. Wow.. And I have still got 6 weeks to go...
Catch up with you soon!

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