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2011-07-03 22:47:42 (UTC)

Leading Interior Decor Styles for 2011

Design experts in home decor modify "what's hot" every year, just like fashion designers. In order to impress your neighbors consider adapting some of these current fashion trends.<br><br />Everything outdated is cutting edge again, and vintage inspired rooms are definitely "in" again. The home decorating trend has additionally spread to vintage themed weddings. You can aquire new upholstery for the solid old chair and couch frames from the 1950's, and you'll be right back in style. Second-hand stores and "thrift shops" are now being replaced by trendy "vintage furniture" as the places where you could find fresh ideas. (Have a look at Similar Post: <a href="http://teresi832.insanejournal.com/7451.html">Please Click The Link</a>)<br><br />One other way to create a theme statement is with wall coverings in the vintage theme. With a wide range available, you are certain to find one that suits your theme. You might have noted how many more wall murals are now being applied, both in homes and on the exteriors. There's really no limitation to where these can be applied. These types of murals can also be reused and reinstalled, so if you ever go on to another place you can still enjoy them. {Specialists also suggest painting your ceiling with a metallic tone, and then installing a stunning chandelier to achieve the look, and make a impressive statement of class.|A more intense style is the use of metallic paint on the ceiling which is further boosted by a dramatic lighting fixture.|For that highly extraordinary theme you can paint the ceiling with a metallic paint and put in a state-of-the-art chandelier<br><br />Eco-friendly options are actually gaining more recognition this year. Innovative solutions in lighting and appliances are designed for people who want to lower their power consumption. There are also kitchen products that are produced from eco-friendly materials. While it's difficult to see any distinction, the eco-friendly versions are made from biodegradable materials. For a more contemporary look, experts suggest that you use hanging lights, not only in the kitchen but in the bathroom and bedrooms too. Numerous colors that had been popular in the past are being reintroduced in the spotlight in 2011. When it comes to picking out outdoor furniture, coffee brown will be a popular color this year, as will red. For a more traditional and vintage theme it is easy to rely on the neutral colors to establish a sophisticated effect. Due to the challenges of modern life it's no surprise that soothing tones such as aqua and avocado continue to stay stylish.<br><br />Simply no area is more important in today's home than the kitchen. The design in modern kitchens calls for an open scheme with no shortage of ventilation. Take your time designing your kitchen and deciding on the finishes given that you'll be living with them every day. Green materials are now available for worktop surfaces and storage areas.<br><br />It is never too late to create a significant improvement to the style of your house, both inside and out. So seize these tips from the top home decor experts and create your own personal elegant house that will turn heads. The author for this article has also spent a good deal of effort writing other well written articles. If you are also interested in finding out more regarding <a href="http://www.longrangewifiantenna.org/usb-wifi-adapter.html">usb wifi adapter review</a>, stop by my web site.

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