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2001-10-10 03:18:47 (UTC)


i dunno sometimes im like ok brian can you alteast i dunno
help me here like on some thinks he is jsut like im sorry
is that all please i just want some help i mean can he not
understnad im tryin to get some form him ..... id unno ive
kinda givien up on that i want to run away i think that
would be fun im goin to save up some money and move too
hmm i havent figured that out yet but im goin to do that
but i dunno im scared about brian i want him to go with me
or be with me or still know i have him as mine he is my
babi forever thats what im scared off will he forget me he
cant i love him i dont want him to grown up and marry
someone but me i want him for the rest of my life i dont
care about all this shit that is goin on now i just want to
grow up and have fun with my babi we could do anything
together and we would get along better i think we wouldnt
be torn with things that exist in our lives today i want to
be with him foreva and .......xoxoxo

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