2011-06-28 17:07:32 (UTC)

Nothing to Restrict

Why is it that I'm no one around the people I love the most? I'm shit that's not worth to be told anything...

I'm tired of acting like he actually loves me. He wants me there but is it really just for secret exchanging? Every time he flirts with Mercy crushes me a little harder on the inside. I'm tired of acting like he actually cares...see? He's strong and cute and..........he likes me. But we both know we can't be together so why do we lead each other on? Why act like I'm the only gay guy in the world and he's gay with me? And yet he flirts

I feel like, "wow. it's not fucking worth it." everything he tells me, I'll keep a secret. but he's doing...doing me so wrong. i need to just ask mercy when we could hang out. then she'll really realize who I am. after's not just me that likes him.