i love timothy sutton
2011-06-25 02:28:11 (UTC)

my boyfriend

i miss my boyfriend!!! i always think about him and i just wander if he thinks about me??? but i think that he cheats on me all the time and i just dont get why i get that feeling that he is cheating on me his sister tells me everything that he dose and i just hope that he isnt cheating on me i think im goin to break up with him cause i feel that someone is always watchin me and i think that he dosent trust me like i do him but when we talk on the fone when we hang up he never tells me he loves me at all so i think that im gonna break up with him and go out with someone else and i can tell his mom loves me to death and so dose his sister but i guess he dosent love me as much as they do so i give up!!!!!and i think that we should see other people and thats that??? but i am gonna break up with him soon im always thinkin about him and i think he is always watching me and i think that he dosent trust me and i l-o-v-e him and all but i dont think he loves me anymore?????

good nite

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