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2011-06-24 15:22:18 (UTC)

my life feels like a hard rock song

I know there's something wrong, my anger problems have gotten worse. I feel... so much anger inside. I don't know why. I know, I'm mad at ur ex for keeping contact with you, I'm mad at you for lying to my face for so long, but yet you continue to keep contact with her.
Am I not better for you?
Have I not shown you more love?
I could never hate you, but I do hate her, every time you don't come home u could still be with her.. your :friend:
I hope for her sake I never run into her on the outside, away from everyone, away from you. No one would be able to recognise her badly beaten body
No, I would not kill her, she's not worth it, she is however, deserving of a very good beat down.
I've treated you better than anyone else, you've told me that. And u love me now as much as I've loved you.
Why, then, do I still feel such anger.
I have never been like this .... I don't know what happened. I'm not happy in life, I'm happy with you tho.
Sometimes I feel, like u are my addiction, like I can't be away from you because I'll feel like somethings missing. . . But that it's probably not good for me to be with you like this. In the end, I hope it works out between us, I really do.

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