Wave Rock Soul
2011-06-24 12:14:20 (UTC)

Shit happens... and drives me nuts

I have learnt, that when people are working with you.. you have to watch your back... don't know why people are always paranoid that people are after their jobs... each place, like people very protective over their jobs.. my old job.. well was probably the worse out of all my jobs... i would like a job, with no drama and no stress and somewhere I can just go in and do my job.. with no problems..

I feel have gone from a frying pan, into just a bigger boiling pot.. with more drama... so over it.. I want a job, where no shit, and no drama... think I might do up my cv.. and just see what other jobs are out there... as I get so nervous about my boss.. she is scarey and has everyone else nervous around her.. no one can do anything right.. and like she is like bi polar.. or something not sure.. one day she will say something about how she wants the shop, and the next week it changes... she is a control freak.. and can't stand anyone else having a different idea... the control factor i think..