my life in a scribble
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2011-06-22 22:45:05 (UTC)

The First Official Write up.

Hello. My Name is Beth Rhianna Evans and i am 16 years old. My birthday is December 17th 1994, and my favorite thing in the world is music. it's my passion. i write songs, i sing and i play guitar. The three things that make me love life the most! I have 2 best friends.. one called Mary Barrett and one called Hannah Gibson. I can't bare to think of picking one of them, because it's way too hard and that is the honest truth. They both know everything there is to know about me, and they both know all of my bad habits and the things i hate about myself. Seeing as this is officially a diary, you might aswell know them.
the things i hate about me:
-i can't keep secrets very well, only hannah and marys <3
-i bite my nails when i'm stressed.
-i fall for guys way too easily
-i'm not good at making decisions
-i lose my voice. alot.
-when i was 10, i made a decision to join a life changing experience. it's great. (Sea Cadets) but it's become my life.
-i'm Clumsy
Okay. this nag is over. i'm going to discuss my actual problems and happy moments of my life.
Well, recently, i've been a bit .. i dunno i could say confused. There's this girl. i am not going to mention any names, although if she see's this it will be immediately obvious who i'm talking about, which is why i intend to keep this very private!
I Like her.. kind of alot :/ Now, don't get me wrong. i could happily stay friends and not become all wierd because i like her, but this is just wierd for me; because all of my life i've been extremley comfertable with my best friend being bi, but i never thought twice about it. i never thought that i could be too. that's the thing, it's really strange because, this girl.. in some ways she doesnt but in some ways she reminds me of a guy, and im really not being harsh. because i still think she's pretty! i am just really confused because she reminds me of a guy so i'm not sure if i'm into girls or not? hmm. Oh I just thought i'd add. hi mary, i love ya ;D:L. because she's the person that i'm going to show this too lolems.
Okay. i am currently writing a song. about this whole situation.. it is all very difficult and confusing, and i can't stop thinking about her, i can't stop talking about her. ( mary will probs be nodding right now) it's just wierd for me.. i dno. i just wish some how she was bi :L:L i havent sed that before.. but i do. meh. i can live with being friends. :) infact, it makes me quite happy to be good mates :) <3
Tonights rant is over.
tommorows maybe different but we will see. :)

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