2011-06-22 13:29:03 (UTC)

As For Them

Always giving me a reason to scream and shout. They all hated me, and now they're wishing they had me back. At least some.

"2" of my best friends? Whatever.

Juan A...gone...
...Ricky? gone.


Fabian, J.C....gone. always.
J.B...gone. Well.

And then on top of that, they want me to be friends with the pain they must experience in their hearts. Good, now they know how I feel.

I miss them so much though.

A whole new life has been started for me even as my summer vacation has not even begun. I wish I had done something...done everything I had before I left. Untied strings, you could say.

Well, I did one important thing. Made it clear I love Louis.

And everyone else. Class of 2011 forever.

And as for my new life...