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2011-06-22 08:11:13 (UTC)

My mind..

`Whats on my mind....-so many things. i dont know where to start at the moment...i feel like im talking to myself sometimes...i find myself. i think ive had more fun and enjoyment down here than ive had living with my dad in like one week...
how could he do this to me...i felt so alone for so fuckin long...he acted like he cared like he was there for me but he only wanted one thing and then he tries to fuckin lie to me about his wife and then truth comes out but at the same time hes still fuckn lying. and then he says shit like he cant get me out his head...like fuck nigga fareal? are you fuckin serious? uses me for fuckn sex and im still trippn over this dude....he took somethin away from me...he took part of me and now i cant get that part back...i dont know what to do...typical love shit. you hear bout all these women talking about how theyve fallen for men that acted like they cared and only did until they got what they wanted...well, my point of view, we say oh just get over it he aint worth your time hes a scumbag or hes a douche or that muthafucka is a player....well...thats probably all true but when you go through it...most the time, to me anyway, its not like a game...its real. the pain is there...you can only ignore it for so long...itll be there. itll come and go...and it seems so impossible to comprehend...youll never know "why"...why he did it...why. why? you wont ever know...i wont ever know... but for now, tha dude is fucked! hes goin down. revenge is neva tha best way to get back at somebody though, the best revenge is to walk away...but how can you just walk away and forget that shit? You cant. but you can walk away, face the pain, and move on. to me, depending on the situation and circumstances, moving on can take weeks, months, even years.... im pissed then im sad then im blank then im pissed off again then im numb...i dont fuckin know anymore and i dont give a fuck at tha moment....make me fuckn call u and ur havin sex in tha background with ur fuckn jumpoff wife ann tell me u gave her fuckin orgasms n shit like wtf and then ur like dont fuckin text me n call me a fuckin psycho and then u send me fuckin pics of u and her n shit and then u call me like a fuckn week later say u miss talkin to me n shit like that like fuckin sayin u care and ur sorry n shit uhm...fuck NO u aint muthafucka. i hate you. idk why i answer when u fuckin call. wtf yo like fareal??? and then u tell me all this stupid shit like u caint get me out ya head? what da fuck ever! u a fuckin busta! i aint fuckin wit you! i aint mad at yo bitch. i dont hate yo bitch. actually, i dont fuckin care bout yo bitch. im pissed at you. yo bitch is yo bitch iaint gone fight wittha unless she tryda step to me then ima beat tha hoe ass! word. but i aint fuckn wit u nigga. fuck this like fareal...got me twistd. iaint care for u tho. whateva. im fucked. u fucked me and u fucked me up. haa i feel bad for yo bitch doe cuz like uhhhh...she dont know tha truth n she so desperate that she dont care. ur old as fuck sooo #GETDAFUCKOFFMYPHONE! lmao.

Digital Ocean
Providing developers and businesses with a reliable, easy-to-use cloud computing platform of virtual servers (Droplets), object storage ( Spaces), and more.