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2011-06-21 21:10:34 (UTC)

Too Sensitive?

Am I getting too sensitive?
When we were away my fine had a strawberry based cream which was really nice, I used it as well. Earlier today while we were both going to work I smelt it on her and I told her to help me get one….and she said “She did not but it that it was a gift from someone”….I immediately felt very angry…..ain this current circumstances we are in ….why say someone…why not give all the information…I guess only if she thinks telling me who gave her the gift will cause an argument….so why put yourself in a position to be given a gift….why accept it….why did you not mention it…how many other things are you not mentioning….the annoying thing is that it may all be innocent but I didn’t want to ask for more details as she had the chance but decided to say someone (something I will never do, makes me so angry) so didn’t want to rock the boat and come out as someone overly too sensitive or not trusting her…..I am so pissed off and frankly tired of the whole thing….am I getting too sensitive?
I am so frustrated cos I have so much to give and share but it seems to be withering away….