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2011-06-21 21:10:21 (UTC)

Post weekend away

I am back from the weekend trip…..
It was great….we were able to spend time together and the sex was out of this world….the spa treatments were very good as well.

If I am to knit pick I will say I like the affection thing.....that is holding hands...hugs....arm around shoulder/waist.....basic show/whisper of affection... but she doesn't really respond to or acknowledge such things...the irony is that she use to seek these earlier in the marriage and I was never like that....good example....we entered the train together this morning and at our station we had to run to catch the train...she was wearing very high heels (she is in the high heels phase...she has phases) so I tried to hold her hand by the steps but she did give it to me...also when we parted she did not even glance back for a wave or acknowledgement.....

To be honest you can't have it all and I will take what I have.....with time I may be able to get her to show more affection....for me the best thing so far is that all weekend and today I amwas not thinking too much about the past and 'KA' .....in some kind of irony I think (well based on the weekend) our union is better and stronger than it use to be......

During our time there she spoke a lot about her job and you can see she really cares about doing well in her role so obviously he must have some kind of impactinfluence on her career. I hope to be there to support her....