Confessions of a married woman
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2011-06-21 17:04:49 (UTC)

Another letter to you

Dear A,

I've only exchanged very little text with you since we last saw each other. You have no idea how much I miss you! I think about you all the time damn time! ALL the time. I hate it. I wish I could just forget you exsist and get that piece of my mind back, but I can't. I close my eyes and I can see your face, I can see you leaning over to kiss me... I can almost feel the roughness of your jaw on my face. Why can't things be different with our lives, they are both so fucking complicated. I know it is a choice, but I guess we both have our reasons. I miss your kisses, your breath on my neck, your hands in my hair, carressing my skin, putting your fingers in my mouth...goodness how I want you! I need you. My heart beats fast everytime your cross my mind and imagine us being together. I always remmeber that time we were at the beach, how I felt in your arms ...lets repeat it baby... lets! Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and I can't stop, however it must stop now before I develop any other feelings for you.

Miss you lots and I want to be yours again over and over again.

Sincerley yours,