what dreams are made of.
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2011-06-21 12:35:32 (UTC)


Saturday June 18. was my birthday. I turned the big 60. I have been divorced 5 years now. I hate being alone. I was married for 35 years. And sometimes I still hate what happened to me. He left me for a younger women, about the age of our daughter. It was like yesterday that this all happened to me. Not much goes on in my life. I work eat sleep sometimes take care of my grandson go out to eat and visit my sister and her husband at least once a month. My parents r divorced. All of my family has some1 in their lives but me. My Dad does not but he has his FRIENDS! I guess I got off of the subject of my Birthday. It was spent working, taking a nap and getting birthday cards in the mail. Going to church, and going to bed. It was just real FUN....DAY....IT WAS NOT! going to church was great it was on divorce. I needed that. Loving God is great without him where would I be. I need his Love and his understanding. He forgives sin and leads and guides me. God wants our love Praise and worship and to serve him.

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