Danger Days: The TRUEST lives of the les
2011-06-21 02:31:30 (UTC)

Mondays....God only knows why he created them.

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea staying up until three in the morning because around nine or so in the morning, which was extremely early to me because of the aforesaid sleep pattern of mine, my friend starts texting me like crazy wanting to come over today. Reluctantly I agreed he could come arouns noontime. I didn't get a chance to eat or shower because of me being in that sleep-deprived zombie state of mind. When he arrived, all that I wanted to do was watch my latest movie obsession, Phantom of the Opera. My friend, Tyler, had decided it would be a good idea to watch Batman: The Dark Kno=ight instead. I eventually won the arguement bribing him with chocolate covered pretzels though.
During the movie, Tyler was getting mad at me because we weren't doing anything interesting. I'm sorry Tyler, but you didn't stay up until fucking three a.m. and still be nice enough to get up with six hours of sleep, which is not a substantial amount for a seventeen year-old, and invite you over. If you want to come over to my house and tell me what to do, then you can leave. I'm not dealing with your shit while I'm on just a small amount of sleep.
After telling him this (A lot nicer of course...), he did apologize grudgingly, and let me be the grumpy teenage girl that I am. Tyler just left about ten minutes ago to pick up his brother but he'll be back. Perhaps after I shower and take a catnap I'll be in a better mood.
I just don't see how it's fair that everyone around me can be in the pissiest moods in the lives and I have to put up with it unconditionally, yet, when I'm in the slightest of temperments my friends and family go on the defensive. Oh how dare I be in a bad mood. I'm so sorry, I didn't know that I had to be perfect every single fucking second of my life! Shit, I'm just a human, in no way am I perfect, so I want to know why everyone expects me to be. My family lives with me yet they don't know me well enough to realize that I have feelings and mod swings just like the next person?
Don't get me wrong, I love the people in my life more than anything else on this earth but how is it far that they get to brag about how crappy their day was while even if something incredibly tragic happened to me where I would say "Yeah, my day sucked. First my house burnt down killing all of my family. Not only am I an orphan now but one of the firefighters accidentaly stepped on my puppy and killed it. Oh, and I flunked my driver's test." Nope. My friends would say something like "No, you don't understand! I was late to first hour today when my project was due and now I have to ask for an extension otherwise I'll get a B in that class and my parents will take away my phone for the week! My day is far worse." And I'm not even exaggerating this. I have a friend that's really like that, no joke.
The only thing that would make this day better was if David Bowie or Brandon Flowers, I don't even care who at this point, knocked on my door, gave me flowers and hugs, and then invited me to vacation with them in California. Actually, I made that last part up. I'd feel better if the thumping noises outside would cease because they make me paranoid, and it doesn't help that my neighbor is a big time construction worker that's always doing construction on his house. I'd also feel better if I ate something, but as usual, there's nothing to eat here. I hate how both of my parents work full time and never have time to grocery shop.
This is my week so far. Tiredness, hunger, irritaion, gloomy weather, and no books for me to read right now. I'm so glad it's summer......But, I do have friends that care about me and will make this week much better. Tyler, afterall, is coming back at five! I get to bother him all day!

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