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2011-06-19 02:13:48 (UTC)


So Sorry its been a while since I wrote last. um lets see, I started a job at Iowa Hospice which turned out to be a bad decision on my part that ended with me and one other person quitting because the company poses a risk on a nursing license and doesn't care about their employees as they claim to do so.

Found out october 30th that I was pregnant! October 30th will stand out in my mind because it happened to be the day of grandma j's funeral. we moved and started planning to build a house by christmas. In februrary, we went to the dominican for vacation. I was 20 weeks pregnant. it went ok. we started building the house in may 2011. Today I am 38 weeks pregnant with my first child. I am absolutely miserable and I just want to hold my baby in my arms so bad I can taste it! I went on a walk tonite and did some thinking. Realized I have a lot of changing to do so my child can be a responsible adult. I have a lot of work to do!

. and I am technically unemployed. I can't say I hate it. I think I am actually happier now than when I worked as a nurse. I won't lie, there are some things that I miss and every day that I don't work as a nurse, I feel like I am losing my skills. I do enjoy actually having a normal sleep cycle and seeing my husband on a regular basis. In fact, I think our marriage has improved since I haven't worked. I still don't have too many friends.

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